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YecWallet is the offical Ycash wallet of the Ycash Foundation. YecWallet allows you to store, send, and receive Ycash.

For most users, YecWallet is the easiest way to join the Ycash network. (YecWallet includes a copy of ycashd, and will take care of configuring ycashd for you!)

Download YecWallet from GitHub


ycashd is the official Ycash node implementation of the Ycash Foundation.

Advanced users can choose to configure ycashd directly, and optionally use YecWallet with it.

Download ycashd from GitHub

BitTorrent Blockchain Download

If you encounter problems while syncing over the peer-to-peer network, try obtaining the blockchain via BitTorrent:


Special thanks to Luxor Mining Pool for preparing this torrent.