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The Ycash Foundation is a nonprofit corporation incorporated in the State of Delaware. It's mission is develop and promote the Ycash currency for the public good. To that end, the Foundation develops Ycash-related software and makes it free for the public to download and use.

The Foundation is funded by the Ycash blockchain itself. Ycash users that choose to mine Ycash automatically donate 5% of mined Ycash to the Ycash Foundation. The larger the number of Ycash users that choose to mine Ycash, the larger the number of users that donate to the Ycash Foundation

The Foundation was founded Howard Loo. Howard holds an undergraduate degree in computer science from Stanford University and a graduate law degree from UC Berkeley. He is a member of the California State Bar.

Donations to the Ycash Foundation can be made using the following addresses:

  • YEC:

    • ys1z37kemxfj3qmzr7w9yt29jku7wu3hectwm8smfsycm0ksp7ejnpqcagqql2m8fct5kky6knqa6z

    • s1P6ZAeyvokGh3MSxN3bLRk9r5EWdSd34Az

  • ZEC:

    • zs1mymn2ar4wldwns5v7t239g6s0al3hpp40tlh5k64mn93ymfcuayqquz9jaxy32d33ch96e7usjy
  • DGB: SSyRAhRhAtgq4uUnva6wBHdmt7f1MjpfVH

To contact the Ycash Foundation, email info at ycash dot xyz, or send a direct message via Twitter to @YcashFoundation.